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The TelexFree business offers the opportunity for everyone to get paid.  Having started in Brazil in early 2012, now launching in the U.S., there are over one million active affiliates from 63 countries who are now enjoying these benefits. The AdCentral packs guarantee a set income in exchange for placing daily ads for the VOIP calling service.  This vital product provides communication to over 40 countries at reasonable monthly rates.
Telexfree – Make Money Just Posting On Free Classified Ad Sites!
If you're looking for business opportunities, search no more.  Start earning income in your very first week.  Just post ads on the internet.  This is a home based business that allows you to work from home and make money online and you can get paid weekly!!

All you have to do is post ads on the internet about this amazing company and you can get paid weekly or even daily.

It's all set up in your Back Office in 3 easy steps, you simply copy and paste ads provided to you onto free websites, return to your back office that is already available to you, and validate your ads so the company knows you did your job. This is an amazing business opportunity. Then when you finish your week, immediately $20, $100, $400, $1000 USD and more to be accredited directly into your account. Simple and Easy to do!  Work from the comfort of your home.

With a Family Pack, your total payment will be $1,425 USD, with a payment of $50 for Partner Registration + $1,375 USD.  One AdCentral Family is equivalent to 5 AdCentrals. Its advertising revenue is $400 USD per month, by the end of the year you have made $5,200 USD. Great investment!  How much is your money making in your bank?  Not this much!!



When you put out ads the company increases internet traffic to the site, and many people end up knowing about Telexfree.
You can test the long distance service and talk for free for an hour with your family or friends in any of 40 countries worldwide.  The company pays you 90% commission for each customer that purchases the long distance software. You continue to get paid for the advertisements about Telexfree that you place daily.
First, the company supplies more than 33 ready made ads in three languages, Portuguese, Spanish or English. You copy any one of the ads.  Next, select from over 50 free classified sites, you just click on any website for free (you must sign up the first time), place your ad for free, and at the end of the ad the URL will appear (link or email address) from which it was disclosed.
Examples of ads:
Call unlimited to cell phones and landlines in Brazil, US, and Canada. Enjoy our free trial for 1 hour

You can do it too! So take action TODAY!  Don't Delay!  The sooner you get started the sooner you earn!
There is NO monthly subscription fee for affiliates. More products, expanded services and
E-commerce opportunities are forthcoming, which will create additional streams of income.

You earn a lot of money just by posting an ad for the company daily.  You will earn just by copying and pasting one ad per day! And the best part is that the company pays directly into your bank account with every dollar already converted into USD.
You do not need to sell anything or say anything to anyone! Just post the ads … So Simple!
By becoming a Promoter, the company pays you $20 dollars a week if you put 1 ad per day, this announcement does not take you more than 1 minute to post. If you put 5 ads per day the company pays you $100 dollars a week, and if you want more and put 50 ads per day the company pays you $1000 dollars a week - no bureaucracy, simply request the withdrawal that is approved the next day in your account.
Each Family Pack gives you the right to post 5 ads per day.

So TelexFree would rather pay you to do their advertising and at the same time help change people's lives, than pay Google or any other method of advertising. They believe you and I can make a huge difference in people's lives and bring bigger results!
Copy this link and paste it in each AdCentral contracted, in its restricted area (home office). The company has a system that does a test of 10 ads in 10 minutes making sure the link of your ad is accessible and has been registered properly and posted. That being done, you've done your job for the day.
It takes about 2 minutes to submit an ad online.
That's it!  Do you think you want to work a little more for more money?  Absolutely!  Don't worry about a thing, you can always contact me and I will get you set up and on your way to earning money and getting paid weekly!  Yes weekly!  It really is Simple and Anyone Can Do It! Really!

Call to more than 40 countries Landlines and cell phones Monthly fee of only US$49.90 Try it now
For 1 hour. IT'S FREE

To become a Promoter you need to buy a franchise so you can start earning now.

The cost of the franchise is $339 USD, this is a payment of $50 for Partner Registration + $289 for one (1) AdCentral LicenseBy the end of one (1) year you have received $1,040 USD having been paid weekly. 
So my friend, why settle for earning only $400 USD per month  ($5,200 USD per year) with just one Family AdCentral?

The more family Adcentrals you buy the more you earn., guaranteed weekly pay!  No hassles.
You decide how much money you want to earn, not the company.  Now you can get paid what you are worth! So take action TODAY!  Don't Delay!  The sooner you get started the sooner you earn!

Suppose you want to buy a property to rent it, let's assume for $250 USD
How much capital would you need to buy this property? It will take anywhere from 50 to 80 thousand dollars depending on where you are, could be much more, right? Not a very good Return on your Investment (ROI).

But in Telexfree, with a payment of only $1,425 USD you get the guaranteed minimum $400 USD per month Paid Directly into your bank account! ($100 USD Weekly = $400 USD monthly).

My recommendation to you is that if you can start with a FAMILY, or more than one FAMILY, do so because the benefits are much greater!  Your money multiplies faster! 
And that's the beauty of TelexFree.  I get paid weekly for the ads I place, and I don't have to buy anything monthly.  Can't say enough about it, except Thank God!
Do yourself a huge favor and…..

In summary, when considering the TelexFree business opportunity, an important takeaway, is that EVERYONE IS GETTING PAID WEEKLY! The AdCentral packs guarantee a set income in exchange for placing daily ads for the VOIP calling service. Therefore, there is a real and vital product which provides communication to over 40 countries. Furthermore, there are other products and expanded services which are forthcoming, which will add multiple streams of income for you. For example, an E-Commerce opportunity in Brazil is ready to launch, which will provide another widespread source of income.
With the current fast pace of growth, timing is important, and the best time is NOW!
Best of all, we are the TELEXFREE FAMILY! You are never alone, we can do this together.  You can find my information on this website. We are always willing to lend a hand.  It is indeed an awesome company and opportunity to change your life!

JOIN NOW and Never Regret it!

How many times have we seen people enter any MLM, or any internet business, begin to work intensively buying products and trying to make a team, over time, months and months , and they are still waiting for some income.  The reality is that NOTHING HAPPENS!
They never got paid one penny for their work.  After that bad experience, what do they do? They quit and leave, right?  Unfortunately this happens to many people today!!

I say this from personal experience, since previously I tried various MLM and many more online, and despite all my effort and work done , I was never paid me for what I did.

The difference with Telexfree is that I sit for a few minutes at my desk, post my ads from my computer and voila!  I'm done for the day! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

CLICK HERE  Check out my most recent earnings deposited by Telexfree to my bank account!
                        Now with TelexFREE you can receive your payments directly and securely to your bank account or transfer the money to your credit or debit card. You can withdraw every Tuesday and received the money Wednesday of the following week or even before with the new System Global E-Wallet, another benefit to members of TelexFREE. Get to the webpage by CLICKING HERE.

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